6 Top Must-Visit Hidden Gems in Kerala

Most travelers consider Kerala as one of the tropical paradise places. It’s also famously called “God’s own country.” This state is immensely loved because of its tranquility and restfulness. If you love being amongst nature, Kerala has to be your must-visit vacation destination. You can row a boat, trek on the Western Ghats, or just sit back on the beach, sip wine, and relax. Besides, you can catch up on its culture by visiting this place during its festivities. You’ll be in awe with how happening the environment becomes. In this article, we will guide you through the places you can visit in Kerala.

Six Exciting places to visit in Kerala 

Have you been able to collect enough fresh and zestful memories during the pandemic? Guess not. It has been an overwhelming experience for most of us. This is why it makes sense to visit a place where you’ll get in touch with nature and try new adventures. The Dalai Lama said, “Once a year visit a place you haven’t visited before.” Use the Air India flight booking app to reach Kerala and get started with your reservations to our suggested places.

1. Beat the heat at Gavi

Location: Pathanamthitta district

Known For: Climate, adventures, and sightseeing

Places to visit: Kullar, Pullumedu, Kochu Pampa, Pachakanam,  Meenar, Chenthamara Kokka, Valley View Point, and Anathode.

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Do you want to love between dense forests and tea estates? Choose the Gavi village that brings the world together with its flora and fauna. This eco-tourism destination has a variety of wildlife, people, and sceneries. Besides, if you wish to become a bit adventurous, you can do Trekking, Wildlife Watching, Camping, Night Safaris, and Canoeing.

2. Get to know our tigers at the parambikulam tiger reserve

Location: Palakkad district

Known For: Wildlife, adventures, and romance

Places to visit: Monkey waterfall, Aliyar dam, Parambikulam dam, Sholayar Dam, Seethargundu View Point, Loam’s View Point, and TopSlip museum.

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If you love wildlife and are keen to spend time around them, Parambikulam will make that happen. According to a report, there are 35 tigers, 39 species of mammals, 16 species of amphibians, 61 species of reptiles, 47 species of fish, over 1000 species of insects, and 124 species of butterflies. You can even experience hills as this place is situated between the Anamalai hills and the Nelliyampathy hills. You can get your hands on adventures like Jungle safari, trekking, and camping.

3. Feel the serenity on the Nelliyampathy Hills

Location: Palakkad district

Known For: Hill views, cultivation, and trek

Places to visit: Meenampara View Point, Poabs Organic Estates, Nenmara, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Raja’s cliff, and Pothundy Reservoir, Nelliyampathy Guha, and Mattumala.

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The best thing in the Nelliyampathy hills is the cloud-covered peaks. Just by watching the hill, you’ll notice tranquillity flowing down in your nerves. You have to take the road from Nemmara to reach the Nelliyampathy hills. But it’s worth it because it treats you with welcoming people and breathtaking views. You might also come across Indian Gaur, elephants, leopards, Giant Squirrel, and many more.

4. Visit the highest peak in the Western Ghats, Chembra

Location: Wayanad

Known For: Peak views, cultivation, and trek

Places to visit: Soochipara Waterfalls, Pookode Lake, Kanthanpara Waterfalls, Lakkidi View Point, Phantom Rock, Kakkayam Dam, Vellarimala, Karlad Lake, Karapuzha Dam and adventure park, and Hridaya Saras.

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The Chembra Peak is located at an elevation of 2100m. High right? Dear trekking lovers, this has to be on your bucket list. You’ll experience panoramic lush green views and will feel closer to the clouds. You can spend your time in an exotic resort or move around the place for a refreshing experience. Either way, you’ll come back home with a beautiful time spent.

5. Endure the intimacy of nature in the Edakkal Caves

Location: Wayanad

Known For: Architecture, atmosphere, and trek

Places to visit: Wayanad Heritage Museum, Soochippara Falls, Lakkidi View Point, Neelimala View Point, Cheengeri Rock Adventure Tourism, Jain Temple Wayanad, Phantom Rock, and St.Mary’s Soonoro Church Meenangadi.

Hotel recommendation: Edakkal Hermitage Resort

It’s believed that these caves have been formed by the arrows of Kush and Luv. The caves were a residence of Neolithic people. Then, the caves were later discovered by police officer Fred Fawcett during his hunt. While traversing here you’ll find various artistic paintings, stone age carvings, petroglyphs, and sceneries. Trekking from the Ambukuthi hills to the caves is a wonderful experience.

6. Appreciate the art and culture in the Punarjani traditional village

Location: Munnar

Known For: Cultural shows and amazing artists

Places to visit: Eravikulam National park, Mattupetty dam, tea museum, photo point, Munnar high point, Chokramudi peak, and Munnar tent camp.

Hotel recommendation: Parakkat Nature Resort

Punarjani means rebirth. This village is located 8kms away from Munnar town. If you want to know about the art and culture of Kerala, you can visit the Punarjani traditional village. Here, you’ll see artists that perform Kathakali and Kalaripayattu. You can also visit the aesthetic art galleries. Moreover, you can avail Ayurvedic therapies.

Wrapping Up

Kerala is one of its kind. It’s home to India’s greenery, wildlife, and homely people. Besides, you can treat your stomach with famous cuisines like Idiyappam With Curry,  Erissery, Puttu And Kadala Curry, Appam With Ishtu, Ela Sadya, Dosa Ghee Roast With Kerala Style Sambar, and much more. You can make your journey easy by downloading the Air India flight booking app of EaseMyTrip. It’s time to experience a lot of new adventures and let your soul feel the serenity of nature.


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