15 Terms Everyone In The Chocolate Boxes Industry Should Know

Chocolate boxes are the need of every chocolate brand. They can make a great impact on the customers and provide businesses a great chance to increase their sales. But this thing required a complete understanding of terminologies and options for designing them. If you are looking for those terms, it is the right place. We are here with the 15 best terms that everyone must know about the chocolate box industry. 

Matte or gloss lamination

Different types of laminations are available for the chocolate boxes packaging, but matte and gloss stand out. Both of them are vinyl laminations but have an opposite texture. Gloss lamination is shiny and boosts the colors. In comparison, the matte lamination is dull and suppresses the colors to provide an elegant look. An interesting thing about these laminations is their moisture resistance. They can protect against humid conditions. Most of the premium brands prefer matte lamination. 

Die-cut window

Die-cut technology is vital to make an impressive-looking window on the packages. This technology is interesting as businesses can make different shapes of the window by using it. With this window, people can see the delicious sweet items inside the package. But it is essential to seal it if you decide to include this window in your package. An important thing to know about it is that you can make it on more than one side. 3D window is also possible to manufacture on this one. 

Embossing or debossing

Embossing and debossing are the finishing options that you can use on your packaging. Both of these terms are pretty unknown to many people. You can use any of these options for highlighting specific elements in the graphics. This thing is pretty amazing for you to use as it can give a luxurious touch to your box. In embossing, the surface is a bit on the outer side. Whereas debossing presses the surface towards the inside.  

Holders or dividers

Inserts like holders and dividers are a vital part of some Chocolate Boxes. They are suitable for enhancing the overall value of the product. Holders come in the shape of chocolates to hold them firmly. Dividers are also there for placing multiple items inside. This thing about them that can help you improve your product value in the minds of the customers. These inserts can come with cardboard stock or Kraft paper.

Foil stamping

If you are a premium brand, then you may notice the term “foil stamping”. It is the metallic foil stamping that businesses can use to print special details. Many brands like to use the logo in this matter. This stamping is popular among the top-class brands in this industry. It can come in silver or gold colors. But getting it in other metallic colors is also possible. It is an interesting thing about this option that everyone must know.

Eco-friendly materials

Well, it is the most common thing that you will see in the chocolate packaging industry. These materials are pretty interesting, among many others. Kraft paper is the most popular eco-friendly material. Cardboard without vinyl lamination is also eco-friendly. These materials are biodegradable as well. Recycling them is also possible without losing much of their quality. It shows why they are sustainable. You can choose them for your products as they are safe for edible items.

Perforation and scoring

Perforations and scoring have a great connection with the chocolate package industry. If you are going to have personalized chocolate boxes, both of these terms will come across many times. Perforations are small pin holes that businesses use on the upper side of the packaging most of the time. They help in opening the packaging and removing the extra part. Scoring is quite an impressive term that has the function of helping in folding the packaging when assembling.

Custom shapes

The shape of these boxes is not constant. Manufacturers can provide you with the options to customize these shapes. It is an essential thing that everyone must understand. When you see a seller providing you the option of custom shapes, it means you can have unique packages. Some of them also provide you the option to have a brand new shape for them. They also have some popular shapes that they can offer at a lower price.

Airtight lid

In the food industry, especially chocolate businesses, an airtight lid is essential. When you see this term, you must know that the supplier provides airtight sealing of the packaging. It means the seller has special technology that can help make packages with an airtight lid. It helps safeguard the delicious sweet items inside. You must ask for this one before placing the order. It can help you improve the safety standard of the packaging. 

Custom sleeve

Whenever you see the term “custom sleeve,” it means a sleeve over the entire box or a tray. This chocolate packaging designs pretty popular, so many manufacturers have already given it a separate category. These sleeves can come with cardboard stock or Kraft paper. Their major contribution is in making the package look more alluring. The sleeve also helps improve its safety standard. Do not ignore this vital point as you may need it for your boxes.

Metallic foil

Gold or silver metallic foil is a finishing option that you can choose for laminating the box. These laminations have a metallic shine. Some brands like to use this finishing option to make their packages look premium. Specific printing types are there that you can use on these laminations as well. You cannot limit them to gold or silver colors only; you can get them in other colors as well.

Customizable graphics

It is the term that you will see almost in every packaging industry. However, it has great significance in the packaging industry for chocolates. You can easily customize the graphics according to your requirements. You can easily utilize amazing colors on them. Illustrations and other artwork look amazing when businesses connect them with the items inside. Using pictures on them is also beneficial. So, you can categorize this one among the most popular terminologies. 

Offset and digital printing

Both of these are printing technologies that you can choose for printing these packages. You can print amazing illustrations and complex graphics by using digital printing. The cost is higher, but you can get high-resolution printing with complex graphics. When you want exceptional results, offset printing is there for you. You can also use it to reduce your printing cost. Both of these technologies are the most popular in this industry.

Dual encasement

The double encasement is a common word among many safety-conscious product manufacturers. These delicate products need safety from many hazards. A dual encasement can help you in securing the product persona. An additional layer of cardboard or Kraft paper can provide impact as well as temperature resistance. It helps improve the protection of the product with a bit of additional cost. It is the reason why this terminology is quite famous among many manufacturers. 

Preassembled or ready to assemble

These terms refer to the structure of the packaging. Preassembled packaging means you will get a complete box structure on the delivery. It can increase the cost as these packages need more space for shipping. Whereas the ready to assemble packages are flat sheets of cardboard or Kraft paper. These sheets have die-cuts, perforations, and scoring to help you assemble them later. This thing significantly reduces the shipping cost. It is a great reason why these terminologies are popular in this industry. 

Chocolate boxes are inevitable for chocolate brands. They are inevitable for different purposes. Businesses must understand different terms before placing an order to get these packages. We have shown the top 15 terms to you. They will help you understand them better and have exceptional packages for your delicious products.


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