Economic demand and supply can be met with the help of technology, in the context of pandemic changes in trade

The pandemic has changed buying behavior, as well as the interaction between traders and
companies on the one hand, and consumers on the other. We see a more or less natural
digitization of economic sectors, but in any case, very necessary.
For small retailers, but also retailers and service providers, the accessibility of the offer to
consumers has decreased substantially in the offline environment, each of them having to
intensify their efforts to promote and sell to the online environment or create this new channel
of interaction. With the buyer. The need for informed shopping, product testing or presentation
and obtaining essential information directly from the source is still important, but is now
covered by other means of communication.
An example of this is the virtual fair, an event for the presentation of products and
services, demonstrations and sales, as well as the provision of educational information on the
market segment of future parents, pregnant women and parents with children aged 0-7 years.
The online fair initiative is proposed by Doctor MIT and is supported by the Ministry of
Research, Innovation and Digitalization, as a private project, considering that it can have
significant potential for reviving trade fairs and important benefits to the community.
“The medical world has always been at the forefront in terms of technology and lately
especially in the world of digital technology, being like a locomotive for digital transformation.
The essential role of the Ministry is to encourage and support any initiative in the digital field,
being a relevant Ministry. We believe that such projects, such as this virtual fair for parents and
children, should be seen in other verticals of the economic environment, not only in the
medical and retail area. We are glad that we can support such courageous private initiatives
that can bring value to Romania “, said Mr. Ciprian Teleman, Minister of Research, Innovation
and Digitalization.
e-bebe live is the transposition of an event with an integral concept from the offline
environment into a virtual fair for the presentation and sale of products and services, and live
educational conferences. This was made possible by integrating the event into an international
digital platform, specialized and tested in previous profile events in 36 countries with over
9,000 exhibiting companies and 5 million users.
Realistic view of the exhibition space
During 3 consecutive days, April 23, 24 and 25, over 10,000 people nationwide and even
internationally, have the opportunity to interact with 100 companies specializing in products
and services for children, newborns and expectant mothers.
Instant visitor access to all exhibitors

At the same time, the technology of the digital platform allows 9 consecutive hours of live
online conferences, on April 25, on various educational topics aimed at: medical care for the
future mother, childbirth, childcare, breastfeeding, early education and mental health, offered
by maternity specialists public and private, such as Dr. Emel Nuraltay, head of the Obstetrics
and Gynecology department at Sanador, Daniela Stan, Assistant Head at Panait Sârbu Hospital
(Giulești Maternity Hospital) and vice president of the Midwives Association, Oana Moraru,
educational advisor and founder of Helikon School and Vocea Părinţilor platform and Dr.
Bogdan Ivănescu.
Stands with live interaction, as in the past
Global trends for retailers in 2021 include converting physical actions into virtual or live stream
shopping events, where direct product experience, live service presentation, real-time feedback
from other buyers become among the most important elements in the sales process. online. At
the same time, people still need to be part of a community with which to share common needs,
concerns and interests, which are now being transferred to the online environment.
Dr. Bogdan Ivanescu, creator of MIT Doctor and co-founder of Stem Sure
“Such a fair is needed, the public expects it from the perspective of socialization, not only from
the perspective of acquisitions. People need to belong to an event and a community, along with
the chance to have access to some goods and services on preferential terms in equal measure.
We are glad that we can bring before them all these opportunities, all from the safety and
comfort of their own home “, concludes Dr. Bogdan Ivănescu, founder of Doctor MIT.


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